~*Ponderosa Yoga*~
*Live Well*Be Well*Laugh out Loud*

           * Live * Be * Laugh *

~*Yoga*~ ... just for Fun!!  All Levels s of Experience Welcome!  Tuesday, August 15th at 6pm  ;)  

FREE first class, 5$ thereafter, buy 4 get 1 Free) ..... New Friends and Old Friends :) @ The Cynthia Center for Fine Arts in Roosevelt*~ * All Levels of Experience Welcome * :)   


.....*Ponderosa Yoga*~ ..... is named after the giant vanilla smelling pine tree. It's majesty, age and beauty outshine many human generations. It's lesson?  The pine cones on a tree can be counted, the trees in a pine cone are countless. It's about potential. Our ultimate potential is an unknown, but it is a given. Yoga then is a great opportunity to explore our own never-ending potential, here, now and always. 

 ~*Uintah Basin's Yoga Connection since 2006*~
~contact info.~   ponderosayoga@stratanet.com