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                                  ~* WELCOME TO YOGA*~
 ~* Celebrate Autumn with Yoga!! *~                 ....Classes are every Tuesday @ 6:00pm at.....
   the Cynthia Center for Fine Arts in Roosevelt
                           53 North   300 East     
                      ~ *October 14th* ~
    **** the ART of BALANCE in YOGA****
              ******Head to Toe Sequences******

*ONLY 6 weeks left of yoga...START NOW!*


~* Summer through the end of Fall, our evolving practice will be routines that stabilize and strengthen the feet/legs, hips, core/abdominals, chest/arms, neck/shoulders and head. Preparing over the months for Inversions ( headstands, handstands, etc.).

~* It's going to be a BLAST !!  :)
             ~* Utah's Uintah Basin Yoga Connection!!*~
                             ~*  Since 2006  *~ 
                   All Levels are Welcome !!                                 
 *Yoga is one of the oldest systems of health awareness, joining the forces of the body, mind and breath.
      * Today, Yoga is an excellent addition to Cross-Fit Training to increase Concentration, Flexibility, Mobility, Awareness and Strength. It can bring Balance, Direction and a Sense of Calmness in All areas of your life.

  ~* WOW!! THANK YOU!!*~
                           FOR YOUR  *12,787 VISITS TO OUR WEB PAGE!
You All make Yoga in this Community a Healthy and Worthwhile Option!
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